Hi, I'm Wench!

Back in the '90s, my favorite online activity was browsing fan-made pages for Star Wars OCs and fanfic. They were all so charming and unique, and I loved exploring webrings to find artwork of my canon faves or character sheets for forum RPGs. Inspired by that creativity, I later learned basic HTML and made my own OC-dedicated websites on Geocities.

My Star Wars days are long gone, but my love for creating characters in RPGs has stood the test of time. Now my OCs and fanworks come from my favorite video games, and while I have fun sharing my work on Tumblr and AO3, I missed having a quieter and more personal space to house my creations.

This site, much like my old ones, will probably be in an eternal WIP state--Half the fun of maintaining a website is constantly tinkering--But my plan is to archive the characters and works that are most special to me as well as catalogue helpful creative resources I've made and found. Grab your beverage of choice, get a tasty treat, and enjoy!


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