» Why "fereldanwench"?
fereldanwench is not my oldest online moniker by any means, but it is the one I've consistently used the longest. When I became very involved in the Dragon Age fandom around 2013, I made it my Tumblr screenname, and it just kind of stuck.

I was specifically inspired by a scene in the Cousland prologue of Dragon Age Origins: Bryce and Fergus are joking about bringing in the "wenches" and the young Oren innocently asks "What's a wench?" to which they explain it's a woman or pours ale. Or drinks a lot of it. At the time I was also a connoisseur of ale, and I just thought it was funny.

What's funnier is I don't drink anymore nor do I enjoy Dragon Age nearly as much as I used to. But the name, especially shortened to "Wench," still just feels right to me.

BONUS INFO: There's often some confusion about when to use Ferelden versus Fereldan. Ferelden is the country; Fereldan is the proper adjective or the term for a citizen of Ferelden. The way I remembered it was I should use "Ferelden" like I would "America" and "Fereldan" like "American."

» Why don't you take commissions?
It's really important to me to keep my hobbies and passion projects separate from my finances, and I am fortunate enough that I can draw that line, so I do.

I have taken commissions in the past when I needed extra cash, but I just find everything about the experience very stressful. I don't like losing my free time, and taking money in exchange for something I have to make just heightens the self-doubt and imposter syndrome.

I am occasionally open to collaborations and trades, though, so if you're interested in doing something together, feel free to send me a message!



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